MMMTPA provides pulling contests at some of Mid-Michigan's largest fairs and events. There are classes for Garden Tractors, Ultra-Light modified tractors, Diesel & Supercharged Diesel tractors, Electric motor driven tractors and V-8 powered minis. If you're interested in getting into a family oriented, fun organization, the Mid-Michigan Mini Tractor Pulling Association is for you!

We have made many improvements to the sled. There are emergency stop systems in place that will properly stop the sled. A powerful electric motor now drives the cable that is connected to the kill switch on the tractor. The new front porch makes for a faster hook up and disconnect. We have one of the most adjustable weight transfer sleds around. A fair sled set up will be used in all cases. It doesn't matter where you are from or what it is, we will try to accommodate any safe tractor for an exhibition run.

Remember Michele Hawley. She Made This Possible! more Post
The Mid Michigan Mini Tractor Pulling Association Season Opener will be Friday, June 7 - Sunday, June 9, 2024 at the Berville Lions Club. Visit the 2024 Season Opener page for all the details. more Post
If you are a fair, festival or event promoter looking to host a family-fun quarter scale tractor pulling event, learn more about our sled rental service. We handle all 100% of the on-track operations and you keep 100% of the profits. Visit the sled rental page for more information. more Post