Top 10 Tractor Pulling Gadgets for 2024

Cordless Tire Inflator

Who wants to lug around an air compressor or an air tank? (The correct answer is no one.) You can easily pick up a cordless inflator from Harbor Freight or Amazon for $25-$35. Just make sure you get one that inflate to low, single digit pressures.

Low Pressure Tire Gauge

This makes a lot of sense since it's not uncommon for pullers to run under 10psi of tire pressure in the rear wheels. (Don't forget to make sure your front sizes are inflated to proper PSIs As well.) I would highly recommend the analog low pressure tire gauge from Joe's Racing 0-60 PSI Tire Pressure Gauge found on Amazon for around $26.

Jump Starter/Jump Box

One of the worst feelings in the world is getting ready to stage in the pits for your upcoming class and having a dead battery. If you or a fellow competitor doesn't have one readily available, you are dead in the water. Save yourself the hassle and frustration. You can easily find jump boxes or jump starters on Amazon for around $50. Sometimes even $35 when on sale.

5 Gallon Racing Fuel Jug

VP Racing makes a really nice 5 gallon fuel jug. But they are a little more expensive than other options. I've seen similar 5 gallon racing fuel available at at or other stores for under $30. Just make sure they are safe for racing fuel as some are safe for non-fuel only. If the jug doesn't come with the spout and hose bender, treat yourself and get those accessories as well.

Infrared Laser Temp Guage

No, not to measure your body temperature. But it's probably a good idea to have one of these handy if you need to be cautious about engine temps on air cooled engines especially if there is a chance you have to make back-to-back runs. You shouldn't need to spend more than $25 unless you feel like you need only the best. Check out infrared laser temperature gauges at or Harbor Freight.

Ratchet Strap Hangers

If you have an enclosed trailer and don't have hangers for your ratchet straps, keep reading, trust me. Whether you have 1 tractor or 6, dealing with ratchet straps laying on the ground is a pain. The Pit Posse Tie Down Holder or the Extreme Max Tie-Down Hanger can both be had for under $25 each. If you have a few tractors or more, you may need a couple more.

Leaf Blower

This is really a multi-purpose gadget. You can cool down your engine. You can blow dirt and other things from nature that make their way into your enclosed trailer. You can turn them on to drown out the sound of someone. So many uses. An inexpensive cordless one will set you back around $50 on Amazon. Or maybe find yourself a gas one on Marketplace for cheap.

While not as cheap as the previous gadgets, here are some other gadgets for making your day of tractor pulling easier.

Pit Cart

You won't always have the luxury of parking your truck and trailer right next to the track. Sometimes you will have a little bit of a walk. And how are you going to make sure all your cool new gadgets above are near the track? Head over to Amazon or Harbor Freight and look for a “heavy duty garden cart” for around $100. Most of those will allow you to lug around some weights, a spare battery, your race suit, helmet and more.

Pop-up Canopy

The sun gets hot. Stay in the shade. Get yourself a pop-up canopy from Amazon for less than $100. But, you get what you pay for when it comes to canopies. Invest in a higher quality canopy and it will last you much longer. The better canopies will run you about $200-$250. It wouldn't hurt to find one with atleast 1 side.

Pit Bike/ATV

For the person who has almost everything, consider getting yourself a pit bike or pit atv. You may want to consider checking Marketplace for something in the 80cc - 125cc range. If you want something new, you could probably find a little trail bike for around $400 but they usually go for around $500 here in Michigan at a Tractor Supply. Or you can spend up to $1,000 for a 125cc pit bike.