Mid-Michigan Mini Tractor Pulling Association Classes and Weight Limits

Classes and Weight Limits

Garden Tractor
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13 HP Max Beginner 900 lbs.
13 HP Max 1100 lbs.
20 HP Max 1200 lbs.

Electric Tractor

Will run in an equivalent horsepower class at the same weight

Stock Altered and Super Stock
16 HP Stock Altered (class rules) 1050 lbs.
50 Cubic Inch Super Stock (class rules) 1050 lbs.

Ultra-Lite Tractor
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250cc Kids 900 lbs.
580cc 1200 lbs.
820cc 1300 lbs.
1500cc 1350 lbs.
2400cc Multi-Motor 1900 lbs.

v8 Small Block Naturally Aspirated
View v8 Small Block Class Rules
Stock v8 Small Block (up to 360ci) 31" Tires 1950 lbs.
v8 Small Block (up to 436ci) 31" Tires 1950 lbs.
v8 Small Block (up to 436ci) 18.4"-16.1" Tires
2000 lbs.

Diesel Garden Tractors

Diesel Stock Class 1250 lbs.
Diesel Turbo Class 1250 lbs.

Outlaw Classes
Garden Tractor 1200 lbs./1050 lbs. alcohol
Ultra-Lites 1300 lbs.
Outlaw Multi-Motor Ultra-lite & v8s 1900/1850 lbs.

Outlaw Diesel

1250 lbs.