Sled Rental

Garden Tractor and Mini Tractor Sled Rental

For over 20 years, Mid-Michigan Mini Tractor Pulling Association has been the premier garden tractor, motorcycle/snowmobile engine tractor and mini rod tractor association in Michigan.

Our sled is capable of handling tractors from stock garden kids classes, electric tractors, multi-engine tractors all the way up to 750hp mini rod tractors.

What is provided when I rent the sled?

The following is provided by MMMTPA for your event:

  • We provide the sled, weigh scale, sled operator, track officials and announcer(s)
  • All on-track operations including: puller registration, recording results and finalzing results for each class
  • As needed, we will provide guidance on track setup and prep
  • Help promote the event through and website and various social media platforms
Whether you have hosted pulling events for years or whether this is your first time, we are here to help make your event a huge success and are here to help every step of the way. Our pullers come from all over Michigan to hook to our sled.

What are the benefits to hosting an event?

As the event promoter, your organization:

  • Brands the event as your own
  • Keeps 100% of the profits from the event
  • Determine the classes and payout percentage
  • Determine the location and event times

How much does it cost to rent the sled?
  • $1,500 for the day of the event. Additional days over the same weekend are $750 per day.
  • $100 per hour driven to and from Armada, MI to the event location
  • Additional services available as needed including: track setup/prep, marketing materials (flyers, digital marketing advertising, presentation checks, etc.)
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